Hello there and welcome! My name is Roxana and I live in Bucharest, Romania.
This blog was originally called “tea time with Roxi” that started as a university project and turned into a small community where I would share some of the events in my student life or thoughts about certain things.

As time went by, this no longer represented me fully and started developing other passions such as photography – the main core of this blog.

Around 2018/2019 I started to get more involved into photography and started experimenting what I could achieve using my phone only. My passion only grew and thus I am now an owner of a mirrorless camera and a few lenses that I carry around with me everywhere I go. Even though I am only an enthusiast, I am also quite the nerd and want to learn more.
In this corner of the internet you will find not only my work with photography, but also other passions of mine such as reading, travelling and hiking, I will also share reviews and other technicalities or tips & tricks that I can share with you.

A few (random) things about me:
My last name is not Black, but needed one as I don’t like my real name so I got inspired not only from my fave (non)colour, but also from the Harry Potter world. That name should ring something if you know HP.
Speaking of HP, I am a proud Hufflepuff, my Patronus is a White Mare and you can ask me anything about the series, I will probably know it. :-B
I enjoy reading very much, I actually attached the link to my goodreads profile if you wanna follow me. My favourite genres are crime, SF, but I do sometimes enjoy a chic-lit read.
I listen to mostly metal music, symphonic metal is one of the faves. I also like classical rock, progressive rock and classical music. I can’t name a favourite song – we don’t discuss this here!
I have a bachelor in economics, but made a switch to the technical field after discovering my love for data. I work in a multinational company in a regular 9-5 job that I really like.
In both aspects, personal and professional, I am a curios person, I like to do my research and learn as much as I can and I try to put a personal touch in everything I do.
I am a person that fixates on things and must accomplish them to be satisfied, that being either about doing something or buying something.
I am a left-handed person.
I found my love on the internet and we’re engaged.
My only sibling is a big sister.
Besides black, I also like the colour green as always use these as a filter when I am shopping for clothes online. Which is way often than I’d like to admit! Whoops 😀
I am a dog person even though I also like cats. In the weekends, I go to an animal shelter and take care of a dog for a little. His name is Boris and is a mischievous little (not literally) soul. Besides that I like to involve in other organisations that handle stray animals.

If you’d like to message me, please use the links of my socials or use the contact form.
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