Pandemic Christmas Market

About a week ago we went to pick up some books from a bookstore in the centre of Bucharest so we thought we might as well also check out the Bucharest Christmas Market set up this year.
For years, the market was set in Constitutiei Square which is located around Unirii Square, where there was more space for lots of people to get together. This to me seemed good thinking during pandemic times, right? yet the set it up in Universitate Square which is much smaller.
This year they also set up an entry fee of 7 RON (1.40 EUR) if you buy it on the spot and 5 (1 EUR ) RON if you get it online.
There are multiple little stores or trucks that have either sweets, little handmade gift or food.
We only tried the mulled wine – it was rather decent than in the last years – and a pancake which was very tasty (I always buy pancakes wherever I go).

I inserted a few pictures I made, but most of the time I had my hands in my pockets as it was really cold.

I wish you have a good time this holiday season, a weird holiday season if I’m being honest. And be present, wherever you are – be there and spend time with your people.
Happy Christmas!

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A weirdo.

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