Lights! Camera! Action!

If you know me, you know that I like black and white photography. In my opinion it can create an atmosphere that no coloured picture can.
I also like to play with sources of light, either they be candles, lighters, fairy lights or the sunrise/sunset.
Today I thought I’d use the candle holder I bought a while ago for this exact purpose and some light source I found around the house. I first tried using some fairy lights, but it wasn’t strong enough to create the shapes.

What I used: a tripod (of course), the candle holder, the light source and my camera with the 50MM lens at F2. I also used my phone as the remote through the Canon Connect app- not pictured here as I used it to take this photo obviously 🙂

I did the first try mid day with the window blinds pulled down in hopes to get that soft dark look, I put a blanket as a back drop, set the camera on the tripod and here is what it resulted. The picture is edited with a preset I created in Lightroom, mostly playing with the lights and contrasts/details.

After it went dark outside hence the room was also dark I thought to give this another go using the light and the candle holder closer to my face to have a stronger shape of light. I think it went better second time around.

Which one do you like better?

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A weirdo.

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