Story time: A peak into the 200 grams of tech we carry everyday

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Okay, I am not gonna lie – I am addicted of my phone. Or better yet to rephrase – I am reliant on my phone. I mean, I do almost everything on it from paying the rent and the bills to looking when is the bus coming or searching for a location on the map.

It is almost scary to be outside without your phone especially when you don’t know your environments that well. I know this feeling well cause I’ve had so many times where my phone died while I was outside and the recent one was yesterday :’)

Let’s travel back in time 12 years ago. I’m in my third year of highschool and I’ve gotten a LG qwerty phone that I’ve had for 5 years. It was the GW300 or something like that. It was a small blue and gray phone, with 2MP camera, no OS. Geez, I was proud of that phone as I’ve paid for it with my own money :-B Funny story as it was I think the first time when I’ve ordered something online back then and I was so excited for it that I printed a picture of the phone and gave it to my grandma so she knows what to expect when the mailman comes.

After it gave it’s last breath it was time for touchscreen and my choice back then was the Samsung S3 mini. By then I was also finished with university so can you imagine? I finished highschool and uni with the LG in my pocket?? 😀 how the hell did I do that?! :))

The S3 mini was all well and good after having to take it to the service 2 times, I think I’ve picked the short stick with that one let me tell you. After that the Huawei brand started to rise so I’ve joined the club with the P8 and later with the Mate 20 Lite. They were both so, so good overall. The Mate one really impressed me to be honest. It was fast, good photo and battery quality, really nice menu and settings so you can imagine how bumped I was last year when I had to say goodbye to it. No phone nowadays lasts 5 years anymore like my LG did as much as we’d like to.

Towards the end of last year I switched to Motorola – since no Huawei phones had the google system I needed back then – and boy I was excited. Not too excited before buying it as at that time I was in vacation in a different city here in Romania and let me tell you that going up a mountain with a broken phone is no fun :))) luckily my boyfriend had a good phone, but you get the feeling I had, something was truly missing.
After finishing the hiking trip and going to the last destination before returning to Bucharest and real adult life – we went to Brasov and I am sure you know by know how much I love Brasov. We got out of the train, took our bags to the accommodation and then went out to the nearest tech store to buy a new phone – the Motorola G60.

This indeed is a good phone yet I feel I also got one from a batch that was poorly made. The screen is the biggest issue for me right now. It does whatever it wants sometimes, opens apps by itself and scrolls up and down like crazy. The menu is also not the best, but luckily there are file managers apps that help me. The screen really is what bothers me and at first I thought it was the silicone screen protector I got for it, but after 1 year I can conclude it is not. Therefore it was time to contact the support team and ask for a new display. Hope I will succeed in getting one.

This is by far a review and I didn’t write it as one, but maybe as a watch out to check how is your phone made and whether it works as intended. I am also seriously considering buying a basic phone with a regular keyboard to have as a back up with me at all times.

What tech stories you have had until now? Are you also reliant on your phone this much?

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