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I gave a lot of teasers in the last months about my technical projects, so I’m here to take you through them and kind of explain them as I progress. This will help me not only see where I was and where I am, but also maybe help you as well.

My journey

You might know that I don’t come from a technical background, but over time I have started to love data and tech and so my journey became about wanting to learn more and more about it. I graduated uni with a BA in economics and I hated every little bit of that time. There are maybe 2 things I still remember but not much else.

My technical journey started with SQL in 2016 where I fell in love with data and tables and how they connect, then I dove into advanced Excel, PHP, HTML and CSS, all while also learning Python data analysis and Power BI reporting – which is actually the present time. This journey that I just explained in two, three rows is a time frame of 7 years worth of learning and it doesn’t end here. 🙂

I have to say that starting fairly simple (it wasn’t at the beginning let me tell ya) with SQL really helped with my thinking or how I approach a task. You learn how to structure your code so it makes sense, you learn how to get rid of redundancy and overall your way of thinking changes.

Now don’t think that from the economic field where I was working when firstly diving into more technical stuff, I rapidly locked in a tech job. Nope. It is still a struggle as in Romania you hardly get a job without experience, even on a junior role. Or maybe I wasn’t lucky enough.

But I kept learning and learning and also working and trying to find something new to learn every day to keep motivated. And I am not saying that I wasn’t frustrated at times that I didn’t magically get a high paid IT job right after each course I did because I thought it will open quickly the field for me. But that wasn’t the case and after a lot of time thinking that I am maybe wasting my time or maybe I know too much of everything and not just one thing – I am now loving the learning web I created for myself and I am expanding it each day.

What is next

With these posts that I am planning under the title that you just saw, I plan to explain everything I learned through tech, focused on my little projects, how did I choose them, what I use them for and so on.
This series of blogposts will give me a structure or a schedule to follow and be more diligent while, why not, helping somebody that will stumble across this post.

They will be in forms of bi-monthly posts on Friday starting this week.

Talk soon!

Featured image: Photo by Nate Grant on Unsplash

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