Another attempt at star gazing

Yep, you’ve seen the title. It’s true, I attempted to gaze at the stars. Well, not just me alone but my camera and telescope obviously.What? Yes, yes. I have a telescope now and I haven’t been able to use it since I received it due to weather conditions *cough* global warming *cough*. So yeah, thisContinue reading “Another attempt at star gazing”

“Unhappy darling?”

It is really a surprise I like the Addams Family? Perhaps no if you know me 🙂 Since last month it was my birthday I though I would do some photoshoot to celebrate. It was a full week and since the idea popped into my head quickly I had a few hours to do thisContinue reading ““Unhappy darling?””

Winter holidays facts & stories

Since we are close to Christmas holidays I thought I would share some of the pictures I took at the markets of this year, along with sharing a few facts/myths/stories, etc about Christmas that I have found to be interesting. Jingle Bells is not a Christmas song – This song was written in 1857 byContinue reading “Winter holidays facts & stories”