At the museum

Back in March we had some hours off in the weekend to visit one of the museums I have wanted to visit for long time and I was not disappointed at all.
Build in gothic style, this house-museum has a lot of items that Dr. Furnică-Minovici has either bought in antique stores or in art auctions. To me it looks like the Addams Family’s house which I totally love.
I leave here some pics I took and at the end of the post I’ll leave some info about visiting this museum.

This museum is in the north of Bucharest and to get there you can get the metro to Aviatorilor and then wait for ones of these buses 335, 131, 361. The station is called Gara Baneasa, it is next to Herastrau Park. If you have a car or want to take the Uber you can check the location here:
There was no fee when we went there (so beginning of March), but they said that the museum will be included in a sort of curated museum tour in Bucharest and when that happens they will raise a fee.

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