The one where she uses a self timer

How you doin?? I’ve been watching a lot of Friends lately.. actually, watching and re-watching.

Anywho – the topic of this post is self photography aka the pictures I took by myself with the timer.

The first round is the most recent one. After finishing working, I got dressed, got my gear and went in the park behind my flat. I wanted to get the perfect golden hour light.

You can see here the set up is very professional =D I took my tripod and a blanket just in case I need it and there I was. I went at the perfect time too because the beautiful light was going away fast.

Got my camera on the tripod and connected to the camera app and here’s the result.

The first pic from the gallery below was not in focus at all as you can see, but it gave a beautiful vibe, right? In the second one you can see my phone if you look closely, but luckily its not that visible so no harm done.

The second self photoshoot I wanna highlight is one from when it snowed in Bucharest. Which nowadays is not so much, I think maybe it did for a few days if not less.

It was a Tuesday morning and while getting up and starting my work day I have noticed it started to snow heavily so I prepared and ran out. Again, my time was limited, thankfully I managed to do it as shortly after it stopped snowing.

I am really grateful I found this cape at the thrift store for a bargain really. I mean, I did spend 40 mins getting the mud off of my boots, but I don’t care! I am so happy I did these pictures! ❤

Bonus – a little behind the scenes picture. 😀

Lastly, the photoshoot I wanna share is one done here at my desk. Last fall I hang some fairy light on the wall next to my desk and given that it gets dark faster I thought I’d try to have a little photoshoot. I used the 50MM lens as it lets more light in but it’s still grainy. It has a cool vintage like vibe.

I wanted to post these separately to highlight how we’ve been spending the time working from home all this time, but I got really sad after so I didn’t publish it.

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2 thoughts on “The one where she uses a self timer

  1. Wow, you’re really crafty and full of inspiration! To be honest, I was not sure which option to choose, each photoshoot has a special vibe and your hair gives them that extra something. Love it!🥰

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