Photo diary from Spain

Since the weather is kinda on the verge of autumn, I thought I would clear the backlog of summer posts with this one. Back in June we went in holidays in Spain in the Valencia region. Hola! By the way, for years I wrote this as “ola” which my boyfriend told me it means wave and not hello. Oh well, that’s how you learn. 😀

The first time I traveled to Spain was in 2016 and back then I did not have that many places I wanted to see, but this time around I made a list in Google maps and tried to see as much as we could.

We stayed in a small village in the Valenciana region called Moncofar. You can see some pictures here.

The other city we traveled to was Castellon which is more populated than Moncofar. This city is said to be the one where most Romanians are living and that’s true, I have noticed so many people speaking my mother tongue there, feels kinda nice. 🙂

Castellon is not that near to the sea than Moncofar, we took the bus there, but its so pretty, that area at the seaside seems like the Vice City in GTA4 😀 While there we got some ice cream that melted so fast, I got the chocolate flavoured one and by the end I’ve looked like I’ve put on dark lipstick.

The other city we visited is of course Valencia. It’s such a beautiful city, the architecture is gorgeous.

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