In pursuit of happiness

By the time you see this blog post, this has been in the works for about a week. And by this I mean my online store! 😀 But before I give you the link let me explain!

The reason why I have created this store for my pictures is simple – I am proud of my work and I want to see it in the “real world”. I want everyone to see my work, my passion – and outside of social media too. This is the reason I have also joined platforms like 500px and YouPic in the past year. I wanted to join communities of people passionate about creating art and bringing in new feelings through photographs. I am not a professional photographer and I will not consider myself one just because I own a professional camera.

Photography is something that truly brings me joy, I am all the time thinking of new ideas, new locations and perspectives and what not. I am not trying to make a fortune by selling you prints, but rather it is a tool to bring me closer to new technology, new gear, new set-up to elevate my work and so on.

I have chosen to make available some photographs that are just now seeing the light of the internet, so they are exclusively here on picfair and I hope you at least take a look to let me know if you like what you see. Thank you in advance!

Among other activities, I did indeed found my happiness. What about you? 🙂

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A weirdo.

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