Shine on, you crazy diamond

I have always wanted to try my hand at astro photography and that was part of the reason for me getting a tele lens. That and because I have wanted to take it with me when I go up the mountains or to the concerts. Although at concerts it’s really tricky since I am not a certified photographer and I don’t report to any paper or news website so they won’t let you in with a big tool. But anyhow.

A few weeks ago the sky was clear and I thought I would try my hand and aim my lens at the moon and the stars. I did succeed with one of those at that time and I am not giving up on the other since I will be going somewhere outside the city in the next weeks so I will try it again.

It’s not much but it’s honest work and I am glad I managed to picture the moon from the 7th floor. I could stare at it forever ❤

I have mentioned before, but the lens I have it’s the Sigma 70-300MM which is a DSLR lens and I am using a mirrorless to DSLR adaptor for my camera. The whole thing does get pretty heavy and I might need to get a sort of accessory for my tripod to lock the lens into place somehow, like those used for telescopes. Btw, my camera has an APS-C sensor so the lens actually gets to 112-480MM using the Canon conversion of 1.6x. So I did get pretty far with this lens, which I got second hand btw from a nice man with whom I spoke a little and he told me he also switched to mirrorless cameras. Yay! Another one in the mirrorless family. I am also looking at some telescopes or adaptors for camera, but I don’t have it all figured it out yet.

Anywho, my next task is taking photos of the stars. I did my homework these days and I will prepare more for the next weeks. It might not be a big deal to anyone to just photograph the stars, but it is to me.

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