Thursday’s confession

While being away from my work laptop and enjoying the fresh air while of course also taking pictures I realized I’m in that funk where I have created and edited pictures that are waiting to be posted/released and I’m so proud of them, but I don’t wanna share them. It happens to me a few times a year. Two years ago I had a back log of I think almost one thousand pics edited but then my phone crashed so I have lost all of them – always back up your photos, peeps!

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. On instagram I am most active and I like that I am able to share the things I do and it’s fun to create reels as well, but I hate not having interaction. Maybe I will have to crack the feared algorithm and get more attention to my pictures. Facebook I straight up hate, but I do like that the pictures are not cropped and are sometimes of better quality than instagram. Insta sucks at this. That’s one of the reasons I have returned to the blog, this is my comfort social tool. I want to also find the time to update my 500px and youpic accounts.

Anyways, enough blabbing. Now that I am back on the track and working again I will return to my schedule of posting at least once per week. I do have some fun (and honestly some eventful) stories from my travels to share here.

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A weirdo.

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