Nerd with me: 7Artisans’s 25MM

Today’s post is geeking about photography gear. So consider this a warning if you’re not about these kinds of stuff 🙂

About one year ago while investigating camera lenses I have found a guy on the good ole’ YouTube called Zeek and he was testing a bunch of 7artisans lens. I was doubting these were commercialized here in Romania but to my surprise I found them in a few different online stores. I knew what I wanted to buy and that was a wide lens with big aperture, but didn’t had the budget to just give on the Canon lens I had my eye on so 7artisans really was a good choice for me.

Apart from the good settings ad great price, what got me hooked is the cinematic feel of it. So I got the 25MM F1.8 for M-mount for 70 EUR. A pretty nifty deal I might say.

It is a manual lens, it’s made of metal so it has a pretty nice feel and is not too heavy on my M50. The two rings on it are the aperture and the focus ring, of course. It doesn’t have contacts on the inside so the EXIF data on the pictures can’t record the F number. The rings run smoothly between the values, the aperture does slip up sometimes and you might be shooting at different value but personally I don’t mind it. You forget about all of this while shooting with it and I have to say that using this manual lens has thought me a lot. With the crop sensor on my camera it gets to 35MM so it’s a perfect all around lens for me.

The manual focus did take a little time learning, with this lens you cannot just blindly shoot with your eyes closed, it almost feels like a film camera. On my Canon I use the magnifying glass tool to control the focus and it’s pretty easy like that.

I will insert some pics taken with this lens right from my instagram page.

And others that are not posted anywhere.

You can also see other people’s work with these lenses on instagram by checking some hashtags, that’s what I also did prior to buying it. Youtube is also full of reviews, be sure to also check these if you’re interested. 7artisans also have made lenses for other camera systems like Fuji or Sony and a wide range of focal lengths. They are slowly taking over the market of cheaper lenses that work amazing and produce great pictures.

What do you think about this lens? Do you like the pictures I took?

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