The plans & the updates

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Hope you are ok! I am working simultaneously on multiple things, as usual.

First up is my full time job, where I have had a few things to finalize and so many more to come, but this is exciting, I love deadlines! Sorry, that sounds a bit cryptic, but in short I am a Data Analyst so you can imagine between Excel reports and Power BI there’s a lot that can go wrong, so my hands are kind of full.

Then, my personal technical project, which is taking a fair amount of time of course, but it’s great to be learning as I create something. I will explain more about that in the future, will get to this point sometime later. I might just create a different category or page here and explain what and how I did it, not only for me to see how far I’ve come but also for other people to be inspired by it and be easy to find.

Other things I am doing is learning and more learning. Currently delving into more Python programming and Tableau, these are kind of kicking my butt but I will manage to survive. My learning list never gets cleared up.

And lastly, my photography work and blog, which has suffered a little due to lack of inspiration and time. I have written down a few photography ideas or content I can create here so stay tuned for that. I have a few blog posts in the backlog for you.

In the midst of all this, I am also trying to unwind a little. My year started with a lot of trips to the doctors and I am not done with those yet, so I am trying to also take care of myself.
I have recently gotten back into painting and drawing and it’s been really fun. Not a lot of people know that in grade 8 I actually considered going to the art highschool as I’ve shown interest in drawing back then, but eventually ended up in an economic type of high school.

That’s pretty much it for the update. Oh – I have also customized the theme of my blog – this idea was lodged into my brain so there it is, I would appreciate any feedback on it. I do have some things to fix but I’ve got to first get around the technical-software bit of it since I am using Linux and everything is different here.

If you arrived here at the end, you can signal that by commenting a star emoji. I really appreciate you!
Have a great evening and see you soon!

My song obsession lately ❤

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