“Unhappy darling?”

It is really a surprise I like the Addams Family? Perhaps no if you know me 🙂 Since last month it was my birthday I though I would do some photoshoot to celebrate. It was a full week and since the idea popped into my head quickly I had a few hours to do this after work and before packing for a short trip.

So I marched outside and gather what I would need to do this. I kind of shocked the lady at the balloon and shizz store when I asked for black balloons 🙂

After the props were ready and taped on the door with scotch tape and thread in my tiny living room, as a professional of course, I went to wash my hair, get dressed and put on make up.

And there we go…

I could have done it better if I had the space, but I did have fun although I am a Morticia kind of lady and not so much Wednesday. For Morticia I do have some other ideas… 😉


Published by Roxana B

A weirdo.

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