Gloomy walks

Starting the week and a overall cold, but sunny day with some pictures from a gloomy day. I always liked gloomy pictures, they have a different feeling, don’t they?
Today’s was a pretty chill day at work, not like the previous weeks. During winter holidays I almost saw tumbleweed in my outlook, but right after it – BAM! – flooded with the requests. I don’t mind them, they keep me occupied and that’s how office work is anyway 🙂
I also enrolled in some online courses, seems I never finished learning.. or that I want to learn many things. Sticking to a schedule and being organised is not up to my liking at the moment, but I will get the hang of it real soon.

Anyway – have a good week! And maybe let me know what you think of these below.

Published by Roxana B

A weirdo.

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